Hair Care Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What type of hair care products should I use? 

Treat the hair as if it was your own!

Please use good quality shampoo and hair conditioner ( preferably paraben free) it is important to keep the hair soft and healthy.

Will the hair get Tangle & Shedding?

Tangle: The hair material we selected is high quality human hair, cuticles intact and runs the same directions, it will not get tangle. If treated with care.

Shedding: The hair weave was sewed in double weft and used the high-quality materials which is STRONG enough to avoid the shedding problem.

Can I Dye & Bleach the hair?
Virgin hair is without any chemical treatment that is like our own hair.

We suggest that you could dye & bleach the hair under the professional guide or via the local hair stylist if you are worried about damaging the hair.

Remember it’s the Kemistry that controls your hair!