What's in the Hair! Our Beginning as a Beauty Brand & Online E-commerce


Welcome to Kemistry Hair Bar Blog!

We created this blog for you-our valued customers with textured, natural , permed, curly, long, short, bearded, or no haired individuals. The blog is for you!

How we started -

Summer of 2020 had to be the worst summer on earth why? Because of the pandemic, of course. People had very limited access to things like clorox wipes, lysol, toilet paper and textured hair care products .

Yes- hair care products! A lot of beauty supply stores where closed. Many struggled with no barbers or beauticians. The world was forced into self sufficiency mode & with self sufficiency comes trials & triumphs.  

The only way to get our resources were through the big giant Amazon. Many companies offered delivery however, we had to wait weeks for our packages.  Thank GOD I was a hair product junkie! (still am) I had my supply.

Our mission is to educate women of color on the proper hair care maintenance through natural health and hair care development.

Kemistry hair bar creates and manufactures their own hair growth products. The best seller is the growth oil. It includes the unprocessed Jamaican castor oil, coconut oil , lavender oil, peppermint oil, and cinnamon sticks. The use of these ingredients were passed down from one generation to another, and now they are being passed off to you. We get great reviews and pride ourselves on this product. 

We are a specialized hair bar working with each individual to create their own personal hair growth journey. We will provide a list of unprocessed natural oils and hair care products that holistically promotes healthy hair care and physiological wellbeing and your individual hair care needs. 

We want our consumers to know we are here for you.

Call us the hair growth "restoration clinicians" 

With that being said we are featuring black owned brands each blog!

Featured product! -Canviiy


New Product Alert!!- We are eyeing this the brand of the future. 

Canviiy® (pronounced kan-vē) is a clean innovative health & wellness brand, proven to offer the most long-lasting (hours to days) organic-based scalp irritation solutions on the market today. Inspired by innovative plant science, Canviiy’s revolutionary premium solutions are comprised of a proprietary organic complex infused with natural minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants to revitalize, repair and nourish scalp and skin irritations. All solutions are cruelty free and formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, zinc pyrithione, artificial fragrance and color.

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 Please continue to follow our journey.

Happy Hair Growth

Tiffany Parkes-Moscova/CEO/OWNER